Any action by a player that restrains or impedes the progress of an opposing player whether or not he is in possession of the puck is holding. A player is not permitted to hold an opponent’s stick. A minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who holds an opponent’s stick (assessed and announced as ”holding the stick“).

A player is permitted to use his arm in a strength move to block his opponent provided he has body position and is not using his hands in a holding manner. A player is permitted to protect himself by defending against an opponent’s stick. He must immediately release the stick and allow the player to resume normal play.

A player cannot wrap his arms around an opponent or use a free hand to clutch, grab or hold the stick, jersey or body of the opponent in a manner that impedes their progress.

Examples include:

  • grabbing the opponent’s body, stick or sweater with one or both hands to impede progress
  • using a free arm or hand to restrain or impede the opponent’s progress
  • Players who use their physical skills and/or anticipation and have a positional advantage shall not lose that advantage as a result of illegal acts by the opponent.

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