Interference on a Goaltender

Protection of the Goalkeeper

The guideline concerning the protection of the goalkeeper as well as allowing and disallowing goals are described in the EBEL Casebook.

In additional to this IIHF rule book and EBEL Casebook, game officials will be instructed to penalize illegal actions of the attacking players such as:

  • Jabbing or slashing the goalkeeper’s glove by an opponent after the goalkeeper has completely covered the puck
  • Knocking the goalkeeper’s stick out of his hands Skating through the goal crease by an opponent and contact is made with the goalkeeper. Such actions will be penalized as Slashing or Interference. In situations where there is contact with the Goalkeeper by opponents, penalties shall be assessed for Goalkeeper Interference.

Such situations include:

  • Independent contact by a player (not pushed or hit by an opponent) with the opposing goalkeeper while the goalkeeper is in his crease
  • Intentional contact from an attacking player on the defending team to propel the player into his goal keeper
  • Obstructing the path or interfering with the goalkeeper, who has gained his on-ice position, by an opponent for the purpose of gaining an advantage

Key references (for allowing/disallowing Goals):

  • Clear on ice decision
  • No Goal/no penalty
  • No Goal/Penalty

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